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Online, April – June 20th, 2021

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|| Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Santu Niramayah ||

May All Beings be Happy & Free of Illness

While facing pandemic on unprecedented scale for more than a year now, it is time to realize that all living beings on this planet are inter-dependent and inter-connected.

We cannot be happy and free of illness if our neighbors are suffering. We can no longer hide away from the fact that we share a common home, this planet; we are one family; and, whatever happens in any part of this world, this home, ultimately affects all members of the family.

This has been the core message of Yoga Philosophy too, often forgotten by its practitioners focusing on certain physical movements or asanas alone, which are important part of Yoga Practice, but not all that Yoga is.

The Yoga Festival this year focuses upon this very core philosophy. Let us keep healthy both physically and mentally; and share health and happiness with one and all, while rediscovering our Atma, that is our True Self!

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IDR 100.000 (USD 10)
(For main event only)

IDR 280.000 
(For main event + curtain raiser)

IDR 450.000 
(For main event + curtain raiser + AMAYI membership)

Limited seats available.
Don’t miss the chance to change your life!

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Email: info@balimeditates.com

“Yoga shows us that the way to Global Harmony should be started with Inner Peace and filled with Communal Love.”

~Anand Krishna

“Yoga is not merely a physical exercise for physical health, but a Holistic Lifestyle to gain True Everlasting Bliss.”

~Anand Krishna

“You can be more creative and efficient, not merely productive by regular daily practice of Yoga.”

~Anand Krishna

“Yoga Empowers You to face all the challenges of life, no matter how hard they are.”

~Anand Krishna


Press Release Pre-Event the 4th International Day of Yoga

Press Release Pre-Event the 4th International Day of Yoga

ANAND ASHRAM FOUNDATION Indonesia PRESS RELEASE April 28, 2018 Yoga YES! Yes to the HOLISTIC Yoga Commemoration of the Fourth International Day of Yoga Yoga for Peace, Love and Harmony Promoting Health and Happiness at One Earth Retreat Centre, Ciawi, Bogor, Indonesia...

Please pass this information to your friends and relatives. The more people Live Yoga the more peaceful this world would be.

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